432Hz Tibetan Bowls ➤ Stress Relieving & Inner Peace | GAMMA Binaural Beat & Solfeggio Frequencies SKU: 138750

Audio length 1 hour & 42 minutes


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Relieving stress with 432Hz tibetan bowls, rain sounds, gamma binuaralbeats and solfeggio frequencies 528Hz, 639Hz and 963Hz. This powerful combination guides you into a state of inner peace and bliss. You are light. Your cells are light. This video will support the regeneration of light inside your cells and in your aura. 

Gamma 40Hz activates an overall sense of compassion and love for others, a new sense of spiritual awareness, self-control, happiness, and increased intelligence. 

TIPS:  Use headphones to get the benefit of the binaural beats. If you don´t have them available, it is perfectly fine to listen to this video without them. As long as it feels good, it is good.